Benefits of Building Your Own Home, Part 1

Many people dream of home ownership. There’s something about owning your home that is magical. After all, you can customize it exactly how you want it by painting it how you want it, having Fido tear up the yard with minimal complaints, and having a front porch swing. When embarking on a home search, you may be having a hard time finding exactly what you are looking for in a home. Most homes, after all, have some of what you want, but not everything. This is where building your own home comes into play.

Many people have heard of a construction home loan, but are unsure what it is used for and when beyond the obvious that it’s used for when you are constructing a building, a commercial space, or a home. However, construction mortgages are important for those who are building new.

Patriot Home Mortgage is a mortgage company with offices in St George and Mesquite that offers conventional home loans VA loans, FHA loans, and construction home loans. Our mission is to make the mortgage process as simple as can be and understandable so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Below, we’ll go over some benefits of building your own home and how we can help. Contact us today to get started!



As we mentioned above, one of the main reasons people build their own homes is so that it is perfectly tailored to their needs and wants. From painting bright colors and installing wood flooring to having dogs, cats, and lizards with a dog-run and outdoor pens and an at-home gym, you can plan your home around your needs and wants. No longer will you have to complain about having only one sink in your master bath or not having enough counter space to cook Thanksgiving dinner. The sky’s the limit when it comes to custom home builds, and you can create your home just as you envision it.


Many people these days are looking to reduce their carbon footprint on the planet. If you are looking into homes that are already built, chances are, not many of them will be energy-efficient, or at least not as energy-efficient as you would like. When you build a custom home, you can install energy-efficient appliances, water-saving toilets and faucets, high-end, double-pane windows, and solar panels. Not only will this use less fossil fuels, but you’ll also save money on the heating and cooling bills as well.


We here at Patriot Home Mortgage in St. George love helping people buy homes that they absolutely adore, including helping them build homes. We offer three types of construction home loans in order to meet your needs: construction-to-permanent loans, construction-only loans, and renovation construction loans. We understand that obtaining a construction home loan and a construction mortgage can be challenging due to the extra paperwork involved. Contact our licensed mortgage loan consultants today!

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